Headshots in the Street

‘Headshots in the Street’ (HITS) is a series of unplanned, totally improvised shots of people encountered on the streets of Los Angeles. I treat each one as a mini-session, sometimes lasting no more than thirty seconds. Each photo is given some minimal retouching and color correction before posting. The people are from all walks of life. Some actually turn out to be actors or models. Sometimes we talk a little and I hand out my business card so that the person can check to see if I post their photo.

Los Angeles Street Photography Gallery

An ongoing exploration of the people and character of Los Angeles, this project has primarily featured the Hollywood and Downtown areas, but is expanding to incorporate many more parts of this fascinating and diverse city. The photographs follow in the tradition of urban street photography that combines documentary observation with individual artistic expression.

City Portraits

An ongoing series of city portraits that show the people of Los Angeles doing their thing.

Mobile Photography

A series of photographs taken with a cell phone camera and using various filters.