Rabbit Ears (2016)

The Magical Dead Sunstroke Valley (2015)

This film has been screening from April 9 – August, 2015 at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA)

Yellow Plastic Raygun (2010)

This film won Best Experimental Film at the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival in September 2010.

Detective City Angel (2011)

This film is directly related to my photography work in Los Angeles. It is an experimental thriller that actually uses the city as a character. It’s 23 minutes, but goes into totally unexpected places and will not be what you think it will be when you start watching.

Here is an article and interview on Dangerous Minds about the film.

Glass Boulevard (2010)

A very nice Dangerous Minds article about the film.

Helping Hand (Horror – 2010)

This is a straight-up scare flick. It has terrorized a good number of unsuspecting viewers and has been featured on some excellent horror webcasts.

Revisit November North Five (2009)

Lunch with Bardot (2009)

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